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    Default tiling over hardwood floor

    I would like to tile the kitchen while preserving the original 1906 maple hardwood flooring underneath. No one seems to think this can be done. Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: tiling over hardwood floor

    What you are planning isn't a sound practice as the tile will crumble due to poor support. A good tile install over such a floor will involve adding 5/8 (bare minimum) but usually 3/4" plywood then 1/4" ceement board, then tile. Both the plywood and ceement board are nailed down which will destroy the original flooring.

    In the olden days large sheets of linoleum were placed directly over the old wood flooring. Sometimes newspaper or brown craft paper was placed in between as a slip sheet.

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    Default Re: tiling over hardwood floor

    Personally I won't do it. The weight of the tiles is an issue, the condition of the joists and the finish height are others.

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