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Thread: Banging pipes

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    Default Banging pipes

    Hi Guys,

    Help! every time I flush my toilet the pipes start clanging and vibrating...ends with a loud shivering sound. I've never heard this before and I'm concerned something bad is going on inside the wall.:

    Many thanks ahead of time for your help.
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    If you replace the shut off valve mechanism inside your terlit you should be fine. The valve has some age on it I'm guessing and is starting to wear out. Usually they shut off in an instant and yours is taking a while to close itself. Get new innards for your toilet and put the old ones out of their misery.

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    Aggree. Change out the fill valve mechanism. Also turn off the water to the house and drain out the cold to make sure all your expansion tubes have air in them.
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    Default Re: Banging pipes

    You can also put a water hammer arrester at the shut off valve for the toilet. They make specific arresters designed just for that type of installation - about $15.00 - Home Depot or any plumbing supply store.

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