I have been in my home a year and have been dissatisfied with the preformance of my Geothermal hot water system. I went to the crawl space where the system is located only to find it is not hooked up correctly. I wanted one tank to be holding and one to be powered. I then have the option to turn on the holding tank if I need an abundance of hot water for company etc. The way the plumber has it hooked up allows the hot water from the Desuperheater to flow into the cold water. I got a schmatic from Florida Heat Pump distributor and it shows a more sensible hook up. What I do not understand is the use of a concentric fitting that allows the cold water to flow TO the desuperheater as well as the hot water FROM the desuperheater in the same bottom port of the hot water heater(storage tank)Can someone help me how water flows in and out of the same concentric fitting? Thanks