Hello, Our approx. 30 yr. old cedar-sided home has 20 "9-over-9" double hung windows which I LOVE! I'd like to expose the wood on the interior side of the mullions and frames, that were all painted with 'sloppy white paint.' Fortunately for me, on the south side of the home, some of the paint is peeling off and I can see wood already! I'd like to know the easiest way (don't we all?) to remove the paint AND I need to know what to put on the wood to preserve it. I heard somewhere about using linseed oil. I don't want to apply a varnish or anything of that type, as I'm really sensitive to odors. Based on what I've read so far, if used diligently, a heat gun would help remove the paint from the wood around the windows. A putty knife, possibly sanding and lots of patience would work the rest out. I'm also planning to remove the paint from the REAL wood paneled interior doors, frames and trim, although that would be in another post, wouldn't it?
Thank you in advance! By the way, my husband knows I registered here yesterday, yet he doesn't know I posted anything. So, I'd REALLY like to show him that I KNOW what I'm doing because I'll be the one doing it. I enjoy doing stuff like this!
Our secret, ok? Thanks again!!!