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    Default concrete painting

    I heard that white vinegar is good before painting concrete,
    but I also heard that white vinegar will distroy concrete over
    time. will it hurt the concrete ?
    Joe Leake

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    Default Re: concrete painting

    Vinegar is a mild acid and it could possibly be of benefit in treating concrete, especially new concrete. But concrete normally loses its alkalinity with age, usually within a month or two. Most paints warn against painting new concrete for that reason. If the concrete is not showing signs of alkaline effervesence, i.e. white powdery deposits on the surface, I would not be overly concerned with trying to neutralize the concrete.

    I doubt that vinigar would hurt concrete. Its concentration of acid is too weak. I suppose if you submerged concrete in vinigar for a long time, it might eventually dissolve it, but who does that?

    There are primers designed for priming newer concrete with higher alkalinity, but normally, general exterior latex/acrylic primer is fine. Normal exterior acrylic house paint is then fine as a finish coat.

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    Default Re: concrete painting

    I have used white vinegar to treat mold on basement walls and the vinegar did not seem to harm the concrete.

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