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    Default Painting Vinyl Siding

    I'm thinking about painting my vinyl siding and shutters but i'm not sure if that's possible or how that's done since I would assume regular latex wouldn't adhere well to vinyl. Also i'm looking for a historical color palette to choose from around the 1920's Philadelphia area.
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    Default Re: Painting Vinyl Siding


    Vinyl siding can definitely be painted. Siding is made of PVC and takes 100% acrylic house paint well, even without a primer. One caveat with siding , however, is to never use a color darker than that which was original to the siding. NEVER use a dark color. PVC becomes unstable at as little as 130 degrees, a temperature that can easily be reached on a dark surface in the summer's sun.

    The normal prep needs to be done. Clean the surface well of dirt and mildew.

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    Default Re: Painting Vinyl Siding

    I painted my vinyl siding last summer using kilz primer then Behr paint. Holding up very well.

    Use high gloss as it will wear the longest. Don't worry about the shine as it will look flat in a few weeks, provided you leave your house outside like I do.

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