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    Default Metal basement windows

    Anyone have advise on how I could replace metal basement windows that are embedded in the foundation on all 4 sides? I have replaced metal basement windows before in my other house, but they were on 3 sides. Other houses in the neighborhood like this also. They have not been changed either. Any ideas would be helpful.


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    Default Re: Metal basement windows

    If the original windows have flanges, you're looking at cutting the windows out with a sawzall / reciprocating saw.

    The replacements can be installed using foam-in-a-can

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    Default Re: Metal basement windows

    Since I don't really use the windows and my basement isn't finished, I thought about just installing a storm window over the outside.

    IF I ever finish it, I'd probably try and figure out how to remove the frame and just restore it.

    On my house, the quality of that metal hopper window is are superior to anything made today. It just needs some maintenance and restoration. Modern replacements won't last more than 20-30 years.
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