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    Default How to find and stop a slow leak in basement ceiling

    We have had a very slow leak that has caused the basement plaster and lath ceiling to bubble in several places. The leak is so slow that we have never seen water, just the slow but consistent damage it is causing. As I said above, the water has cause bubbles in the ceiling and is now causing some bowing of the sheet rock wall. We cut open the ceiling in a futile attempt to determine from where the moisture is coming. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: How to find and stop a slow leak in basement ceiling

    Based on what you said, it will be extremely hard to find what's causing the bubblings. You suspect you have a leak, but you see no water. There are bubbles in the ceiling and now the walls are bowing. Too many unknowns.

    Can you measure the humidity in your basement? do so and report back.

    Have you asked any pros? plumbers? If not, maybe you should.

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    Default Re: How to find and stop a slow leak in basement ceiling

    Are you sure it is even a plumbing leak? Plumbing leaks are usually not silent, if they are under pressure. And they get worse in a hurry.
    Or it could be in a waste line, is there any plumbing directly over the area?

    Even at the basement ceiling it could be a roof leak. Is the spot under an open floor area or under a wall? If it is under or nearly under a wall, check up in your attic. You may have to spend some time up there. Use a good bright light, water stains should be apparent. If it is a roof leak, it may not even be right over the point it is getting into the lower area. It can run down a rafter and then run down a wall and make itself known at the basement ceiling.
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