I am currently upgrading the switch and receptacles in our nursery, as we are expecting our first child in a few months. I have come across a scenario where I am stuck. The room has 5 receptacles and 1 switch, no ceiling lights. I have changed all the outlets and switch and followed the previous format. Before I moved to each outlet I tested to make sure it worked. Now a day later I have no power to three outlets and the switch, the other two outlets work fine. The switch has two drops or cables coming into it, (middle of the run), one outlet has 1 cable going to it, (end of run) this outlet also is the one controlled by the switch. The 2nd outlet has 3 cables coming to it, I have never seen this before, so it has 3 hot, 3 neutral, and the last outlet has 2 cables coming to it, middle of the run.

There is no power to any of these outlets or the switch. The breakers are not tripped, and it all worked prior. I don't understand and I am assuming that the outlet with 3 cable drops is the where the other two and the switch get there power from, but none of those lines coming into that outlet have any power. What is going on? I would appreciate any help!! PLEASE! Thanks