We have vaulted ceilings (~15 feet) in 1/2 our house. Friends of ours have skylights that open and they say it makes a huge difference in the summer because it lets the heat out. I don't want to put in skylights, but thinking of two options that might have the same affect. 1) Change out an existing 3 x 3 foot window at the top of the vault so it opens; perhaps an awning window that opens at the top of the window, or 2) install a wall fan at the top of the vault that can suck the hot air out. The benefit of this idea is that I could put one in each vaulted room (living room, kitchen and front entrance way.)

Does anyone have any thoughts? We live in Seattle WA and only about 2 weeks of the summer is the house unbearable, although with global warming there may be more days ahead. Putting in air conditioning isn't an option.