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    Question new storm doors, gap

    We had installed two Pella storm doors on our upstairs porch, rise-up windows. We live in Aurora, NY. The doors do help, but I noted a gap of about 1/2 inch on the bottom of the frame of each one. What is the best way to close that gap? Foam, calk, "rope" ? I could use some advice. Thank you!

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    Default Re: new storm doors, gap

    Most storm doors are designed to be set tight at the bottom so you should not have a gap there. Sometimes this means adding a filler at the top, which the installer should have considered when the work was done. The Pella's I recently installed for a customer did not have plastic extensions made for this situation, but some other brands do- maybe those would fit though it means taking it all down to start over anyway. Another option would be to saw pieces off of and old frame to fill in here. though attaching them would take some ingenuity. Were I stuck like this, I'd take some painter's tape, mold it around the outside profile so it matched leaving a small hole at one top corner, then fill the created recess with an appropriate colored caulking, preferably silicone but at least a high-grade exterior caulk. Leave it to dry several days then remove the tape. It won't be perfect but if you're careful it will be presentable. If you hired someone to do this they should fix their mistake for free- there should be no gaps in something designed to seal out weather!

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    Default Re: new storm doors, gap

    The Larsons that I installed had a small expander that can "make-up" a 1" gap. IF the gap is larger than 1", then you should have ordered the door 1" larger.

    You can as mentioned add a filler strip. A builder supply store will have pieces of trim different widths ad tickness.
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    Default Re: new storm doors, gap

    Isn't there some sort of weatherstrip at the bottom from the bottom rail, which is usually adjustable? You need a bit of a gap to prevent the door from sticking.

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