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    Default Stop Cigarette smoke

    Flooring experts . . . We are putting in new floors(dyi) we just wanted to know if there is a product: membrane, sealer, etc. that would STOP cigarette smoke from coming from the downstairs neighbors? Thanks You in advance for any information

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    Yes, it's a simple piece of paper call a deed on your own property.

    The most you can hope for in a multi-family structure is that the landlord/owner will enforce policies that prevent tenants from disturbing each other. Review your lease agreement and see if there are no smoking clauses that you can get the building owner to stand behind.
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    You have very little chance to stop the second hand smoke from reaching your living space.

    You have a right not to be forced to breathe someone else's smoke. That means, you can move, if the building owner/manager don't help you and you will be entitled for your deposit back, even if you are in the middle of a lease. If they don't return your security deposit, the court will make them return it, providing that you didn't violate any part of the agreement.

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    Read your lease concerning the part about "quiet enjoyment"

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