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    Default new toilet installation

    hi i am new to this board. i just installed a toilet in my parents house. the problem is there are two sinks next to the toilet the sink that is the furthest from the toilet is now gurgling after the toilet flushes. the house is only two years old. the other thing is a had to adjust the toilet after i secured it to the floor. any advice would be great.

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    Default Re: new toilet installation

    It sounds like there is no vent on the sink. What you are hearing is the trap be siphoned.


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    Default Re: new toilet installation

    And let me add this:

    If you have a vent, it may be stuffed with leaves and other trash to the point that it's ineffective.

    I think that all three drains are on the same line. That's ok, but the line has to be clear of obstructions to function properly.

    Regarding positioning the toilet: every toilet is different, but the holes for the tie down bolts are standard.

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