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    Default Whining Kitchen Faucet

    Hi all,

    So I bought a new Kitchen Faucet and it's worked great for the first few months, but the last few weeks it started producing this high pitched whining noise when it's been on the Hot Water side for a few seconds. And it only stops when I place it on the cold side again...

    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Whining Kitchen Faucet

    - Did you get this sound with your old kitchen faucet?
    - Do you get this sound in other faucets?
    - What kind of kitchen faucet did you install?
    - Did you replace the hot water supply angle stop when you installed your new faucet?

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    Default Re: Whining Kitchen Faucet

    It is probably the diverter for the spray wand. Turn on the faucet to the hot side, when it starts to whine, lift up a little bit on the end of the spout. Does the whining stop? If so, it's the diverter and there isn't anything you can do about it. If lifting the spout has no effect, then it's probably the cartridge which can be replaced.
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