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    First, I know nothing about heating. But our heater is old and when our central heat is about to kick on, it makes about 4-5 clicking noises (like an ignition lighting sound) and then a huge burst of air sound and makes a loud noise. It never used to make the burst of air and the loud noise. Then the heat is on and it's normal. I always thought it was supposed to just gradually turn on and not make that burst of air. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Much appreciated!

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    This sounds like something a service person should look at right away.

    Do you have a contract with a service person, someone that will come over & look at it?

    Do you usually have your heating equipment cleaned this time of year?

    Could you specify the type of heating system you have: gas-fired forced hot air, oil-fired hot air; gas-fired hot water, etc.

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