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    Default Dirt floor in old basement

    I have an old house(1830)and the basement still has the old dirt floor from when the place was built. I want to concrete over the floor and use the space for storage. The walls are mortared stones and bricks-in good shape. What is the proper construction of a concrete slab? Is it heavy plastic sheeting, then sand, then gravel, then concrete? Can I just use sand instead of gravel? I will have to pump it into the basement space. Probably using Fibermesh concrete mix to make it strong.
    Sound good?

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    Default Re: Dirt floor in old basement


    Where is the house located? Is there any risk of flooding?

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    Default Re: Dirt floor in old basement

    Howdy, hows the drainage? i ask as great time to install an internal perimeter drain if you need one...
    So what type of soil? If you have lots of $ the consider gravel compacted & foam insulation a& 10 mill plastic and 4" of concrete be sure to install an expansion joint around the whole perimeter so you do not damage the stone foundation.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Default Re: Dirt floor in old basement

    sand is not generally recommended under slabs. Timothy Millers advise sounds about right. I would place welded wire fabric in the slab. You might also test for radon and install a remediation system if needed.

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