I have a bit if a design dilemma. I live in a 120 year old East Lake Victorian that has no front door or front porch. Inside, they took a nod to the idea of a portico and put the front door on the side. Historical research found that the house never had a front door.

So then there is the front yard. The space is north facing and shaded on the west by a 15-foot weeping cherry tree and behind that is a 35-foot blue spruce. (Both which I would like to keep). Over the past several years I have tried several design patterns, but I keep getting hung up on the massive scale of the house, especially the center being that it does not have any windows. The entire space is about 45 feet wide and about 20 feet deep. I also do have to use a little caution as the gas and water lines run in this area too.

This spring, I have been thinking about tearing all the plants out and reusing the hydrangeas, a small Japanese maple, hostas, columbine, ferns, and two small rhododendrons. For layout, I was thinking about having more of the space along the driveway to be part of the garden bed, then tapering back to the house a little way for a front lawn, then picking up the outer boundaries of the weeping cherry tree and the blue spruce on the other side of the house.

We also will be painting the house a beige/brown/white/red before we do the landscaping.

What would you do? Here is a photo: