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    Default to remove shabby kitchen refacing, or not to.

    hi, i have a colonial built in 1906. i need advice, opinions or ideas regarding my kitchen cabinets and counter. the previous owner did a bad diy refacing job and i'm wondering if i should remove it or paint over it. it looks patchy and seams are visible. the doors are plastic. it's supposed to look like natural oak. the counter has laminate that is detaching from what i believe may be a nice wood counter. i can see grain from underneath. (doesn't look like butcher block) it's about 2in. thick. the cabinets are wood also, i can't tell what type because at some point they were painted on the inside. the shelves look like planks and they are sturdy, about 1in. thick and some have a metal face screwed on. i'd also like to mention, upon removing a bottom drawer to clean it out, i noticed wood floors. they appear old and unfinished, but look the same width as oak floors in other rooms. i would love to refurbish these cabinets rather than paint over the refacing. i feel like it would be worth the hard work and i'd do it in sections. i've been told it would be too much to take on and not attractive. i have an active imagination and can see it being beautiful. i welcome any advice on how to identify the type of wood, and if they might be original to the house. i also welcome any opinions and similar experiences. thanks for reading, i look forward to any input.

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    Default Re: to remove shabby kitchen refacing, or not to.

    "A picture is worth a thousand words". A few pics might help in getting good advice.

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