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    Default Kitchen faucet hot water flow

    I have a Blanko Cassic Nouveau kitchen faucet in which the hot water flow is diminished to a trickle when the mixing control handle is moved to the hot side. I get plently of hot water flow from the hot water pipe when I disconnect the faucet hot water line from the pipe under the sink. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Kitchen faucet hot water flow

    Try taking the valve apart and loooking for an obstruction.

    You can also flush the valve backwards using the cold water by;

    1- disconnect the hot water supply hose
    2- put a bucket under the hot water hose
    3- turn the faucet on warm allowing the water to flow out the hot hose.
    4- see if anything comes out.

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    Default Re: Kitchen faucet hot water flow

    Let me add this, if I may:

    If nothing comes out, continue down to the angle stop, by turning it on into the catch bowl.

    If the water doesn't flow, shut the main water valve, remove the angle stop, replace it, then check the nipple coming out the wall/floor.

    And if there no water coming out at this point, you may have an obstruction in the nipple or the hot water pipe leading to the kitchen faucet.

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