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    Default Cold Exterior Solid Brick Walls

    Hi all first posting.

    Solid walls, I would describe as a brick facade layer, then red ceramic block, then lathe and plaster.

    These walls are freezing! Lexington, KY
    I guess it should have occurred to me earlier.

    Beside building a false inner wall, what other successes have people had insulating solid exterior walls?

    I was thinking adding radiant barrier to the interior paint?

    Stucco the outside walls with some type of insulation?
    (I love the brick but my wife wants to paint the house.)

    Any advice?

    /goes back to figuring out how best to fire up the fireplace insert.

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    Default Re: Cold Exterior Solid Brick Walls

    Most exterior treatments including stucco or siding sometimes include a layer of insulating foan before applying the decorative treatment. If the brick is in good condition it may be more beneficial to treat the interior with the same concept of applying foam boards between firring strips to pad out the walls to about 2 inches for good insulation thickness.
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