Hello all, I am trying to solve a dilemma I have. Recent remodeling has created some confusion as to the old work that the house has. My apologize in that I am certain some of my terminology is wrong.

I have a three way switch that is functioning fine in the same box with a two way switch that feed a inactive chandelier. We wish to reactivate the chandelier, but it seems it has no power source going to the box from the main electrical panel for the chandelier, simply a 2 wire running from the switch to the chandelier and that is it. In the chandelier there is only one wire pair coming to it (black and white). I thought I could piggyback off the three way switch to power the chandelier but not sure. There is a constant live wire on the three way but the neutral switches as the other three way switch is activated. So am I correct it cannot be done? Am I missing something simple? Do I have any other choice other than snaking a separate live/neutral wire to the switch for the chandelier? Not sure how this happened and why there is no power wire for the chandelier switch as there once was. I think the electrician may have used it to power another light once it was not in use.

Would appreciate any help and info!!!! Ike