We have a 1949 brick rambler with a ‘lookout’ basement. In August, we changed our roof and noticed that there were no soffit vents, so the roofer installed 16 616 soffit vents in addition to the ridge vent. We also re-installed R-38 blown cellulose insullation in the attic (in November). After all of this, it seems that the house is much colder than it's ever been. I feel drafts all along the walls and also on the floors (tile in the bathroom and hardwoods throughout the main floor). It also seems much colder in the basement. Our plan was to have some cellulose blown into the walls in the coming months but so far with the temperatures around (36 – 40) in December, I feel like we have to turn up the furnace just to maintain some warmth. Could this be caused by the installed soffit vents? I am pretty sure there is hardly any insulation in our walls since it is over 60 yrs old, but could the drafts be running through the vents, through the walls and into the house?

Any help would be appreciated….