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Thread: Basement Smell!

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    When I worked as an apprentice electrician I have also seen old houses that were remodeled in which the plumbing lines (sewer) were leaking in the basement for years, mostly owned by elderly or disabled people, or landlords that just rented them out. My point is that the water would absorb into the concrete and soil, and everytime it was damp it would smell pretty nasty down there, I would tell the person they had a leak and there response usally was its been leaking for many years and I have no money to fix it. So if you find no vent issues I would check under that carpet and see if the smell is coming up from the ground.Good Luck!

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    Great suggestion John for the smoke test, i didn't know about that and may even wind up doing that on my own house even though i don't have any plumbing related "smell" issues.

    In addition to the great comments posted here, if I were in your position I would check any P traps around the basement. Any sinks, or maybe where the washing machine empties into the drain line to make sure any drains have proper P traps, which hold water to prevent sewer gas from coming back into the house.
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