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    Default wrought iron Gate

    cover was off of wrought iron gate circuit control board and sprinkler system shorted out something. Can't get gate to open or close. Tried reset and doesn't work. Two fuses still look okay.Gate is 12 years old.

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    1. Start with your remote control. Check the battery and the contacts. If the battery is old, replace.

    2. Go to the main panel and check the breaker. If old, broken, worn out - replace. Next check power coming into the unit. Check the contacts and connections. Clean them (with power off). If there's juice, have the motor checked and replace it if necessary.

    3. This would be a good time to tune up the rest of the gate system: chain, track, hinges - clean and lubricate everything for a nice operation.

    If you feel that this is too much for you, call the gate pros.

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