I have an older house with a basement living room that I'm remodeling. The previous owners had a ceiling fan in the main room with one switch controlling it. I replaced the ceiling fan and ran track lighting to the ceiling fan in hopes of being able to use some sort of dimmer switch on the whole assembly.

However, I've since learned that you can't dim a fan readily, and Hampton Bay sells a remote control module that would work but I have 600 watts worth of track lighting I'm trying to power.

Is there a solution I haven't found yet that would allow remote dimming of those lights?

The best thing would be to run two circuits, but I really don't want to try pulling new wires or replace any sheetrock.

If there were some sort of remote control inline module that could handle 600 watts that would be perfect. I found a company called insteon that makes an inline remote module but it's only 300 watts, so it's no better than the Hampton Bay solution.

How else can I get un-dimmed power to the fan and dimmer power to 600 watts worth of lights? All with one circuit running to the ceiling box?