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    Default how to connect fixture to abandoned gas pipe

    Hi- My house had an early electric system where there were originally electric/gas fwall sconces. When I bought it, all the wall sconces were missing with exposed wiring in every room. Upon bringing in an electrician, he said we have to get fixtures that have a deep enough canopy to accomodate the pipe and also have the correct attachment, rather than the standard wall bracket.

    Does anyone know what that attachment is called? I am not having trouble finding the vintage fixtures, but all of them have new brackets that won't attach to the pipe. Where do I find these things?


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    Default Re: how to connect fixture to abandoned gas pipe

    What you are asking about is a gaspipe to electrical adapter. It is a "U" shaped bracket which allows the gaspipe to support the fixture and still allow wires to come out of the old gaspipe (which is now being used as an electrical conduit), to be used to power the fixture.

    They will be hard to find because there is so little demand for them.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon,

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