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    Default Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    I wanted to replace the old exisitng cabinet door hinges with new ones, but find new replacement hinges are slightly smaller and do not cover the older indentations. The hinges are 3/8" offset srface mount. The only other similar hinge that is larger and would cover is 3x the price and takes weeks to receive. I need 120 hinges and the cost would be over $650.
    I was hoping to find a thin backplate to go behind the surface mount hinge and cover the existing indentations. I need the backplate to be approx. 3.25" in heigth. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have scoured the internet but haven't found any sources. ANY help would be appreciated, or a cheap source for a 3.16" heigth hinge. Ouch! They want $5.47 per hinge.
    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
    Robert DeCoster
    P.S. The doors and frames are natural wood; not painted.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    If you buy ten dozens of the same style hinge, I would think that you could find an outlet that will be happy to give you some kind of a discount.

    Just google 'cabinet hinges' and do some search and make some phone calls - I'm sure you'll find what you need.

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