Hi all,

A big section of wallpaper came loose in my living room a few days ago, and revealed a coat of sand-textured paint (the slightly nubby type that feels like sandpaper when you touch it, NOT spray-on popcorn texture. It feels like the texture was mixed into the paint before application.)

Are there any known toxicity issues with older textured paint (besides lead, obviously--I haven't touched it until I can get it tested)? The house was built in 1881 and redone during the 1960s, so I suspect that's when it was covered up. I have no idea how long it's been on the walls--the oldest photos we can find (without the paint) are from 1930.

I'm mainly concerned about asbestos, because my previous home was 100% asbestos popcorn on the ceilings when I bought it and I'm very wary of exposure.

Appreciate any knowledge I can get!