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    Default Hairline cracks in plaster walls

    I watched the video of John repairing cracked and loose plaster, but my problem isn't that drastic but it is persistent.

    Have several hairline cracks in various walls in a post war Cape Cod. I watched my father fight with cracks in about the same locations in the house for about 60 years. Probably 90 percent of the cracks are more or less vertical. Plaster doesn't feel loose along any of the cracks, and generally both sides of the crack are flush with each other.

    Should I open the cracks up more? Like make them into "V" shaped cut in the plaster, and then use joint compound? Or is this totally the wrong approach?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Hairline cracks in plaster walls

    Makind a v groove is the way to correct the situation. Clean the groove well then full it with mud. For wider cracks you'll need drywall mesh. When dry, sand and apply second thin coat. Repeat until smooth with the rest of the wall and finish with paint.

    Cheaper than replacing the old plaster.

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    Default Re: Hairline cracks in plaster walls

    Only thing I would add to dj's advice, is to dampen that cleaned out groove before spackling or mudding it. I like DuraBond "hot mud" as a patching compound. It has little schrink, adheres extremely well and dries very fast.

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    Default Re: Hairline cracks in plaster walls

    you should first locate a stud then put a 2" drywall screw on each side to stabalize the area all along the crack then use a quality caulk in the v'ed out crack top with mud sand & finish have been doing this type of repairs for yrs

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