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    Question cypress tree care

    Hi guys Im along time watcher of the show . This it the problem I have had that You didn't cover or I missed. we have 14 nice cypress tree as a wind break in the back yard. i have used 2 or 3 products over the years to keep them healthy from bagworms. Problem and concern is we have a well near by! Can you refer me to a product that is both safe and a concentrate that I can uses on the trees.

    They are now getting pretty big between 16 and 20 feet tall They have been a big investment and we realy like them.. HELPPPP!

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    Default Re: cypress tree care

    There are two ways to fight bagworms, but December is kind too late.

    One way is to hand pick the bags in May-June and destroy them. Hard work but it's the cleanest.

    The other one is to use pesticides. Go to your nearst garden shop and consult with them, since you don't want your well to be affected.

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    Default Re: cypress tree care

    December is of course too late to do anything other than pick off any bags that remain. They may contain eggs.
    The best way I have found(told by an expert) is to spray the trees in May/early June with insecticide to kill the worms when they are in the crawler stage and are susceptible to the poison. I have never been able to see them at this stage, but they are there. Once they form bags they are tough to kill. I'm not sure of the recommended insecticide, but whatever I have used over the years seems to work if done at the proper time. I have used a number of insecticides from permethrin to sevin depending on what's in the closet. I use a tank sprayer for my situation, but a hose end sprayer will cover more with less effort and may reach higher. I wouldn't worry about the insecticide getting into the groundwater if applied to the trees.

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    Default Re: cypress tree care

    When the bagworms start to appear, spray them with BT (bacillus thuringiensis). It is fairly safe for humans and animals. You still would not want to drink it or breath the spray very long. It kills the larva stage of insects because they have a caustic (basic) digestive system where animals have an acidic digestive system. The BT will not live or multiply in an acid environment. It is more effective than poisons.

    BT also doesn't harm bees as far as I know, but I wouldn't spray it into a hive.

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