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    Default Hydronic Flooring

    Project only in thinking stage. Being a converted porch, the kitchen/dining area of the house in which we're living has no heat outlets (hot air heat). It is over an unheated garage and has a concrete floor. I'm considering installing hydronic floor heating rather than electric radiant but need help in making the right decisions. There are two cold air return ducts in the area (approx. 20x50 ft).

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    You have returned nearby. Any way to get a couple supplies routed through the garage and up through the floor? Your existing heating plant is likely oversized like most anyway, so the extra load wouldn't hurt. Getting through the concrete floor won't be easy, but it's doable with a good hammerdrill. You might even be able to get away with one large duct, maybe a 6x14" on a 10" branch.

    Ideally, you'd do a load calculating and determine what percentage of the heat that room requires compared to the rest of the house and proportionally distribute the air accordingly.

    Another option could be adding a small direct vent fireplace or stove if you have gas heat. It would also supply heat and light during a power outage.
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    So your kitchen isn't heated at all? Running ducts through the garage might be difficult, headroom issues, insulating ducts, fire-rating them, etc. I like the idea of hydronic heat, but you'll need to have a boiler for that somewhere, electric is easier to install but might cost more to run (depending on your electric rates). You'd need to insulate the floor somehow too.

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