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    Default Insulating around a light where a ceiling fan once was

    I'm looking to reduce the amount of ceiling fans on the first floor of my house. Currently I have 4, but only use two occasionally. I'd like to still have light where the ceiling fans are located so I will be replacing the fan with a light.
    Currently there are visible air leaks from the fan into the attic, and I'd like to seal things up properly when I put new lights on the ceiling. Any suggestions on a good retrofit kit and the best way to insulate around the lights?


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    Default Re: Insulating around a light where a ceiling fan once was

    I don't know what kind of set up you have up there in the ceiling, but normally, a fan in tied to the box, which is surrounded by drywall, then there is a cover plate to minimize heat/cold loss.

    If after removing your cover plate you see that the drywall is cut out too big, repair it to seal around the box and install your new fixture.

    Most cover plates in light fixtures contain some insulation.

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    Default Re: Insulating around a light where a ceiling fan once was

    The best way to seal the leak is to go into the attic, dig out the fiberglass or loose fill material around it and spray foam around the box. Loose fill insulation does nothing to stop air leaks. Actually, because it allows air movement, the actual insulation value is often dramatically overstated.

    Replacement is pretty simple. Honestly for resale value, I'd leave the fans and put in a fan with a light. I've noticed that appraisers and relators take notice of how many ceiling fans and such are in a home. It's easy to not use a fan.
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