The purpose of this post is to inform you about a company I've had experiences with so you won't suffer the same fate.

I recently bought a house in May of 11, one that had been foreclosed on, purchased by an individual and re done, including my trouble spot, the bathroom.

Shortly after moving into the home, I noticed that the tub was bubbling (sort of like how a clear skin is placed on something but the air bubbles are not fully let out.) After a couple of uses, I noticed that the air bubble had popped and it was a glazing that was coming loose.

Fast forward to October. I found the initial invoice by the company that did a re-glazing of the bathtub in January (of 11). I contacted the company and they said they'd schedule a managers visit so he could come check it out. The one day he finally did show up (about a week later) he came when I was at work, during the time I told the receptionist I was not available. Making a series of further phone calls led me to finally work out a time for the manager to visit my home (causing me to leave work early for the guy.)

Upon visiting my home, he spent a total of 30 seconds to 1 min. checking out their failed glazing job, and then left. 2 weeks later I finally call back to the company after hearing NOTHING from them in the mean time to which I was told I would have to pay anywhere between 95 to 250 dollars for the repair. I asked several questions regarding the guarantee of the work to which I was told I was not A) the original owner B) no warranty was purchased C) I did not use the correct cleaner on it (the terms and conditions specify that I use thier own brand of cleaner) and D) she could do nothing for me unless I paid up.

I tried calling back to talk to the manager that had visited my home, only to be rudely responded to from the same individual that I orignially talked to replying with the same answers that she had already said. I inqured into the quality of the work that they do and the longevity of it (6 months of non use as the house was not occupied from January to may when we started using it) and she did not seem to care unless again, I paid up.

I am severely disturbed and distraught from this encounter and I will NEVER use thier product again. (I even asked her if I were to get it fixed how am I supposed to know that what they are going to put on isn't going to repeat what has already happened; she replied I would need to buy the warranty and use the correct brand of cleaner.) I am disappointed in the lack of care of the receptionist, the lack of longevity of the glazing, and overall look of my now deformed bathroom. I am glad I had not originally paid this company to do the work in the first place. (Did I mention it's one of the slipperiest tubs I've ever been in? I've almost fallen out of it countless times.)

The company in question is called Unique Refinishers in Canton MI. I highly recommend you stay away from them. On a lighter note, I suppose thier name serves their company well- they have a uniquely crappy product. As for me, I'll be saving whatever I'd be paying them to fix my tub for an eventual decent replacement.