My original plan was to wire my bedroom with a new circuit for lighting/ceiling fan and one additional receptacle but i seem to be struggling with figuring out code limitations on box fill.

I was planning on using 14/2 to feed the switch first(so i have my neutral for 2011 code) and use 14/3 to feed the light/fan. I was then planning on pigtailing from the light switch to feed the receptacle then feed from the receptacle to a different light switch for a closet light.

Problem is as the main light switch I would have:
14/2 feed from breaker = 3 conductors counting ground
14/3 feed to ceiling fan = 4 conductors counting ground
14/2 feed from switch to receptacle = additional 3 conductors counting ground
For a total of 10 conductors in the switch box and if I have to include the pigtails, that's another 3.

I'm certain that i'm doing something wrong here or maybe overthinking it but I have no idea how i'm suppose to do this if a standard metal switch box has a limit of 5 14-gauge conductors as listed in NEC table 314.16. Am I misinterpreting the code here?