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    Default Water seems to be coming through my bricks

    During driving rains, my basement leaks water from the top of my glass block window openings. The top lintel plate is wet, as is some of the wood next to the plate. I believe the water is penetrating my brick and mortar and is coming down between the brick and the exterior wall boards. When it finally comes to the basement window opening, it enters my basement. I have used standard water sealer on my exterior for years, but it does not seem to help enough. What is the solution? Remove bricking to make sure there is a proper lintel flash (very expensive I'm sure), or use a better exterior spray type water repellent? What product would that be?

    This is a ranch, with about 8' of bricking. Above that there are stucko finish panels with rough cut cedar trim boards. The wood is in good shape, and well caulked. I don't think any of the water is coming from the wood siding, just the bricking. The water only comes into the basement from the window openings.

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    Default Re: Water seems to be coming through my bricks

    Clearly you have a situation that can't be solved with water repellents.

    I'd remove the bricks and start from scratch.

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