My fiance and I recently bought an older home in an area with high ground water. The soil is very heavy clay and the majority of the town is quite flat. This causes any rain and run-off to soak in and disipate quite slowly.
Due to this, our sump pumps run every 2 minutes for weeks on end. In a summer dry spell(3-4 weeks of no rain) they slowed down to about once every 2 hours or so. If I had known this was the case, we would have never bought the house, but we didnt and now we are stuck for sometime. We love everything else about the house, but the potential for a flood disaster from pump/power failure causes much stress and lost sleep.
My question is, is there a way I can lessen the effects of this at all? Would some sort of curtain drain around the house help? How deep can I install one of these? If I were to put some curtain drains in very deep, like 4-6 feet below the surface, would that work? There is a drainage ditch on the back side of our property, but we have a shallow front ditch with no storm drains. We do have sewer and municipal water lines in the front.
Any other ideas? I have already extended the downspouts and sealed the gutters and also regularly clean all the debris out of the gutters...