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    Default Strip and paint old steam pipe

    Brooklyn, new york. Brownstone home, vertical steampipe in bathroom has brown stain spots( not corrosion ). I want to remove old paint, get down to the metal,prime with rust inhibator, & re-paint. How do i proceed? Is there such a thing as paint designed to tolirate heat (like steam )?

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    Default Re: Strip and paint old steam pipe


    Most paints are good up to around 200 degrees F. Even a steam pipe would not exceed this normally.Traditionally, radiators were often painted with aluminum paint, so as to not keep accumulating a heavy build-up of paint which might start reducing the radiators ability to transfer heat.

    As far as removing paint: any good chenical stripper will remove the paint, however in a tight, finished area, it might be a little difficult to handle the mess and fumes. Often paint on metal is not overly well bonded. You might try dragging the edge of a putty knife over the surface, bareing down on the knife. The downward pressure on the paint is often enough to help break the bond, leaving the pipe relatively clean to where the stripper could more rapidly finish the job. Of course, there is always the possibility that there is lead paint is present and you should wear an appropriate respirator and keep any dust isolated.

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    Default Re: Strip and paint old steam pipe

    I generally agree with Ordjen, but also Google 'high temp radiator paint"; also Google heating
    and then Google forum brownstoner for more info on steam systems and how to paint rads and steam pipes.

    At Heating Help, click onto Ask Questions, then onto System (Steam) then onto the steam forum.

    Brownstoner was originally conceived for Brooklyn residents who own a Brownstone and have steam heat; check out the "Master Plumber" at this site.
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