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    Default Widening interior door opening

    My husband and I are moving into a manufactured home and need to widen the door frame of the master bath to accomodate his wheelchair. How can we go about do this and are there any nuances to expect when dealing with manufactured homes?

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    Default Re: Widening interior door opening

    the issue that sometimes occurs with manufactured homes is that they they dont always use conventional framing methods. the framing is built in sections then bolted togehter

    the only two concerns would be right off the back is whether or not the wall that the r.o. is in is a load bearing wall, and then patching the floor where the opening has been made larger

    can you post some pictures of the space
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    Default Re: Widening interior door opening

    What is the width of the trailer and is the doorway run along it's center line or from side to side?
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    Default Re: Widening interior door opening

    First, every modification job involves inconviences, unless the place is vacant. There is noise, there is dust, there is trash, and so on, not to mention workers going in and out all day.

    A wheelchair access door must be at least 36" wide. You have to verify that you can have such a door. It also requires rearranging the support around the new door. Get estimates from local contractors, who are familiar with your style of construction.

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