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    Default Lack of professionalism

    just watched ATOH with the three p-traps under the sink, obviously a plumber did not do the kitchen remodel, as seen by the trap being to high on deep bowl side. Rich's jokes about the three traps show his lack of code familiarity across the country. In Illinois the dish washer cannot drain into the disposer. In Chicago the dishwasher needs its own trap. You should not know all plumbing codes but you should respect them. If you need to pick out what doesn't look OK to you how about the less than professional installations. A master plumber would indicate that codes are different all over the country and the work should be done by a licensed professional if needed. Where is ATOH professionalism?

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    I haven't seen this video, but I think you're right in your observation about codes being slightly different in various parts of the country.

    Believe it or not, there is a lot of logic to the codes and they are based on experience. Also, as materials change so do codes.

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    my guess is that is was mentioned during the actual shoot but they edit things so much on the show now you dont get to see or hear all the important things
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