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    Default Mold growing on inside of subsiding

    We bought a house built in 1964 and we found that part of the house had wood paneling on the inside and wood siding on the outside with NOTHING in between. Last fall we took it down to the studs and put up plywood subsiding,then tarpaper,then wood siding. We then put up the insulation on the inside but did not put up the sheetrock. A couple months later we started to put up the steetrock when we noticed mold growing on the inside of the subsiding under the insulation. We took the insulation down and the mold dried up and stopped growing. Is the mold caused because moisture is being trapped between the subsiding and the insulation where there is not any sheetrock/sealant/paint? Is there different reason for the mold?
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    Default Re: Mold growing on inside of subsiding

    Howdy, mold grows where moisture and food source,. The mold spores may of already been on the wood siding. I assume you installed fiberglass insulation, was it backed? Did you then install a plastic vapor barrier on the inside of the insulation to stop the moisture inside the home from traveling threw the insulation and hitting the outside wall and in winter condensing= water+ wood- mold. Assuming the outside siding is tight, no holes gaps and the roof not leaking down the wall. I would mix 1 part Clorox to 7 parts water in a Windex bottle and mist the mold on the wood. Then let the area dry then spray some kills primer sealer over the area9 sold in spray cans). Then install new insulation and plastic with the sill and top wall plates caulked to the plastic.

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