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    Default Wood Siding Joint Management

    I am trying to find an optimal method for managing exterior wood defects. The problem relates to the natural expansion and contraction of wood and the seeming inability of 'filling materials' to fix cracks and joints.
    To seal and hide scarf joints in a DRY redwood deck rail prior to painting I have used water-based wood fillers, polyester resin fillers, acrylic-latex caulking, and even WoodEpox®. They have all failed. As soon as the wood heats up a little the filler gets pushed out of the gap and loosens the paint. Using an oil-based primer helped [the latex-based one was a disaster] but it didn't SOLVE the problem.
    On my son's house we have a similar kind of problem but it's where the butt joints of the redwood siding come together. This was an addition to an OLD house and, unfortunately, lots of the butt joints line up vertically. Polyester resin and/or acrylic latex caulk were used. Almost all of the paint is failing along those joints and the paint's only 3 years old. I tried to attach photos of the problem but can't make a file that small. 19K? Come on. I can send photo if you want.
    What do you professionals recommend for this problem? How can I fill checks in the railing or fascia and gaps in the siding without losing the covering paint from expansion and contraction? There's GOT to be a way to get a nice, smooth, STABLE finish.
    Thanks, folks.
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