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    Default Re: What can I do with my retaining wall?

    I think the wall looks great the way it is!

    I love the stonework and the general appearance of the yard; I hold with the other posters who note a potential problem with any fence modifications, where exactly is the boundary line between the 2 properties, who put up the fence, was the boundary line ever surveyed, and local laws pertaining to all of the above.

    I urge you to talk to one of the clerks at your local city hall, or the town lawyer (often called a city soliciter) to determine which laws and local ordinances apply to your particular situation.

    In some towns, how long a fence (it looks like the pressure treated beams are a part of the wall/property line/fence) has been in place, & who installed it & maintains it determines the property line between the 2 properties.

    Property lot dimensions are originally laid out when the town is incorporated, and amended when property sales (partial & full) are transacted---but that could have been many decades or centuries ago, in some cases----often, much of this info is contained in the DEED that you received at the time you bought your property----read it.

    Issues over wood beams and fences are almost always resolved without 3rd party involvement if the 2 property owners take the trouble to talk to each other in a friendly way so that both parties understand that their interests are not being threatened.
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