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    Default Re: About burning pressure treated wood

    Ok, apparently this thread is going directly into where I had hoped it would not.

    Let's be clear here (again):
    1. I consider it a good idea to not burn something with harsh chemicals in it.
    2. I would not recommend it.

    I am looking to see if anything about this common sense is in any way backed up scientifically. We should get out of the habit of accepting things at face value. NO facts are self evident in meaning, they ALL require verification and analysis. Don't jump to "sky is blue" and "1+1=2" without getting a complicated reason from me on's not worth going there to that degree because we're talking about things far "less" evident.

    SO I've only received information from this thread that I knew. It releases chemicals of some kind into the environment. And that it's common sense to not do it. And that those chemicals directly ingested (by some means) would be bad.

    BUT this thread is valuable anyway--->it supplied ONE major fact: No one so far can supply something that explains why with measurement and any kind of impact analysis, etc. It's what I hoping would not be the case.

    I wanted to see a real study, not mere statements.
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