Ok, before anyone freaks out over this, hear me out. This scientifically bugs me.

First: My instinct and knowledge of physics tell me that burning PT is probably a pretty bad idea. Further, there is no way I'm going to even try it, nor do I want "permission" to do so.

HOWEVER-----ALL the advice and warning on this that I can find is based largely on hearsay as far as I can tell. Every article datum or quote either remains unattributed or cites something else that also tries to connect dots from the substance toxicity to burning causing particulate inhalation, etc., without testing. EVEN GOVERNMENT SITES warn against it but show not even 1 study that confirms it.

There must be something that says something that can establish clear causality. I really don't like word-of-mouth information, regardless of how sensible it seems.

Anyone know of anything? Don't just look at first layer google results---if you dig in them you'll eventually see just vapor. No pun intended.