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    Yes, some of us are stuck in these crummy mobile homes. I hate em. It's a 1975, 14x70' in my case. When my wife and I bought the home (a whopping $4000) it needed lots of work. Something we never got fixed were the 2 holes in the floor. To make matters worse, I laid a small metal object on the floor so I could deform it with a ball peen hammer. I missed and made ANOTHER hole in the floor. OMG This floor is a real piece of work. It's 5/8ths thick particle board.
    Okay, I'll get to the point. How do I fix these holes ? Is there some kind of trick to get a glue and sawdust mix to stay in. Wouldn't do much good to have it just drip through. HELP

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    I feel your pain, trailers truly are hideous pieces of garbage!

    About your problem. The fix is to cut out the hole and replace the material. You have two choices, cut to the side of the joist at each side of the hole and attach a cleat to carry the new material or you can cut to the centerline of the joists.

    You cut a patch to fit the hole you've cut. Before installing it, attach cleats to the unsupported sides of the hole. you want the cleats to be almost as long as the hole is, just not touching the joists on either side as this will cause a squeak.

    Now you're ready to place the patch and attach it. I would use screws because they will hold better and be easier to install along the unsupported areas.

    Now you're ready to place the floor covering back. If it's carpet, just flop it back and restretch it. If it's vinyl, then you'll need to relay the entire floor. You could patch it, but those don't generally work very well or look very good.
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