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    Default From 1980 to bathroom remodel

    This was my "lovely" bathroom when I bought my place in 07.

    Everything was painted this ugly flat beige paint.
    This vanity had to be about the ugliest thing I'd ever seen!

    The walls are plaster & had beed scored halfway up to look like subway tile. I thought it was real tile under there (I'd read up enough to be dangerous!) So when the beige paint had begun peeling inside the shower area (yes, the PO painted in there too!) I began scraping it off with my heat gun & s.c.r.a.p.ers. I ended up with this mess!

    Oh, Lordy...I'm in trouble now! All the Kilz in the world coundn't save I called my neighbor/tile guy & he got to work...fully removing the back wall.

    Continued next post.....
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