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    Default Vinyl sheet flooring at ceramic tile base cove edge

    I'm putting heavy sheet vinyl or similar type flooring over small mosaic tiles on my bathroom floor but need ideas how to deal with the ceramic wall tile base cove edge that's curved at the bottom. Similar to what vinyl base cove looks like. I'm picturing the new vinyl floor riding up slightly on the edge as it overlaps the ceramic wall tile base cove...doesn't sound good. Should I remove the ceramic wall tile base cove course and replace with something else or just lay the vinyl flooring and use a tall vinyl base cove molding to cover the edge? That might look to commercial? By the way, this is just a quick fix of a rarely used half bath prior to a full remodel down the road. Thanks ahead for any ideas.
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    Default Re: Vinyl sheet flooring at ceramic tile base cove edge

    Have you considered maybe just replacing the floor tile with another type of tile?

    I do feel that putting the vinyl over existing tile will eventually be a problem, since over time, you will see definate marks where the old grout joints are. You will see a shadow of the tile layout as the vinyl settles (not sure of exact term here) from constant foot traffic.

    Curling the edges up the tile base doesn't seem to offer a pleasing look either.

    If this is something you're dead set on, as far as putting the vinyl over tile, I do wish you well because I see regret down the line...
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