I just now registered to this site so that I could post this question on this board....what would cause an intermittent sewer smell in a 100-year old house (Dallas, TX), often after it rains??

I bought and rehabbed the house about a year ago. The crawlspace is not vented (however, it will be shortly), and said crawlspace is way too shallow for anyone to get in...maximum clearance is probably 8".

My tenants have been much more patient than I would have been. They are aware that last spring I did an expensive plumbing repair (had the line from the house to the alley replaced) and it seemed to all of us for a while that the problem might have gone away...but it definitely hasn't.

Whether something is leaking under the house, or whether water is seeping in and moistening an area where sewage had leaked before, whatever it is...I need to get it figured out and get it fixed!!

I would really appreciate anyone's ideas/experience with this type of problem. Thank you!!