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    Default using lime remover on water heater

    I have a well, and sometimes the particles clog the water softener, so the water heater gets it as well, if I don't catch it right away.

    I have noticed that the efficiency of the water heater is down, and suspect that the heating rod is coated. The water heater is 6 years old.

    Have read that you can pour KLR or some other lime/rust remover in the water heater and that can help dissolve the coating on the rod. Does this work, and is it safe?


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    Default Re: using lime remover on water heater

    It might work. Flushing the WH once a year will get rid of minerals and sediments at the bottom of the tank. Also consider installing whole house water filter to protect the WH.

    At this point, your 6 year old WH is reaching the last stage of its life, and I'd start putting $$$ aside for a replacement.

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