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    Default Shop Vac for mold in crawlspace?

    Hi everyone! We have a serious issue in my home right now. I live with a roommate and her elderly mother, and we share this large and old house with a crawlspace. We have a mold problem. It seems to be coming from a couple places. One being the attic, from a leaky roof section and the other being from the crawlspace, from the exterior cement block walls. The roof problem will be fixed very soon but not right now (today's Thanksgiving), and then we can clean up the visible mold inside the attic. The crawlspace is a different story. We insulated it last year when we installed a new furnace down there in the crawlspace. We put down a thick vapor barrier on the dirt floor AND covered the floor above with another vapor barrier. We did not cover the side walls nor the vents. I went down there tonight to replace the filter in the furnace and almost flipped out when I saw and smelled the mold on the insides of the exterior cement block walls. I'm a little worried and very upset, so I'm posting here for the first time hoping to get some help with my plan. First of all, where do I start with cleaning up the crawlspace? Rip it all out and do it right with brand new vapor barrier material and new insulation? If that's the case, I would need to clean first because of the dirt and dust. That's my preference. That being said, I wonder if a shop vac will work in order to get started? I have a tendency to overdo things, so this project is not too much for me. Has anyone else had to do this? Fixing a bad insulation job that cause such a problem? The shop vac we have is the hardest working machine in our house, but I don't know if we have a HEPA filter. Note: the moisture is from the mega rain storm we had a couple days ago. Thanks for any ideas!!
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